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Good Customers Carry You Away From Click Fraud


click fraud

It would be difficult to argue against the statement made in the headline and do it sincerely. After all, when you have satisfied customers who can give you positive feedback, you have one of the most reliable marketing tools available. The keys to this are to have real enough, potential customers deciding to visit your website and to have a sufficient percentage of those visitors convert to customers.

That would seem to be simple enough, as a business goal. Unfortunately, having these two pieces in place is no more than a theory for many online businesses, because of one negative factor – click fraud. No business can survive click fraud for very long, especially if it’s consistent and aggressive. The type of click fraud attacking your pay-per-click (PPC) program is both.

So, how to do combat a severe problem that could bankrupt your company if left unchecked? You install click fraud software. This useful tool is designed for use by companies who are not only concerned about website traffic but for business owners who want to do something about the quality of that traffic. Many online business-owners will focus on the numbers that are not necessarily wrong but are not as crucial to success as another set of numbers.

The Difference

The program identifies invalid traffic and traces it back to the source, which provides accurate information you can act on to improve the results of your advertising efforts.

With efficient click fraud software working for you, it’s possible to have the “good customers” referred to earlier. These are online visitors who have a serious interest in the product or service you offer. If you focus only on the amount you spend on advertising as part of your analysis, you’re not getting an accurate picture of your activity. Why? Because a significant portion of the money you spend on PPC advertising could be and probably is, wasted on invalid clicks.

You use PPC and understand the basics of its operation, but do you genuinely grasp why you should detect click fraud to make this advertising method work as it should? Consider the highlights of PPC: You have an ad in place, someone clicks on that ad, and is directed to a site on which they can decide to pay you money for your service or your product. The publisher who displays your ad, such as Google, is paid for each click on your advertisement.

This is a great way to get severe inquiries and paying customers, as long as the process is working as just described. But, what if a large number of those clicks are not valid? Suppose a percentage of the clicks are produced by bots, computer programs, or a competitor’s employees who are paid to attack your marketing efforts and destroy the validity of your advertising. You’re still paying the publisher for each action, but you have no legitimate chance to convert that click to a customer.

Invalid Exploitation

This is true exploitation. Your advertising program is being attacked. Someone else is benefitting from your efforts because you’re providing resources an agency, a publisher, and a competitor are the “winners” in this scenario. In each situation, a bot or a person repeatedly clicks on your ad and fraudulent charges are created. Your business pays for this click fraud.

Your PPC budget has reduced the potential to convert to purchase or even a serious inquiry. If your current agency expert uses this activity to report on your efforts, that analysis is based on inaccurate information, the wrong information. Entirely just, you won’t know where your business has been, you won’t know where it’s going, and you have no way of predicting where the industry will go. Should you worry about this?

What you should do is put your management of conflict at the top of your priority list, then work with providers of click fraud software. This starts you down the road toward having every click come from a person who honestly wants to see your website, and when visiting that site will ask serious questions about what you have to offer. Also, those valid visitors are much more likely to make a purchase. Your conversion rate is then based on the number of real visitors.

It’s All About Behavior

Whether you believe it or not, when human beings shop on main street or online, they make their final buying decision based on emotion. Factors such as the music they hear in the store, the colors used in advertising and on products, even the name of the store and the name of the product, all contribute to the decision to purchase. Price may have something to do with this, but even that factor can be influenced by how a shopper “feels” about the amount.

You may find yourself doubting this, as an advertiser or as a shopper yourself, but practical reasons are more important to human beings after the money changes hands. This is when logic is used to rationalize the purchase. These facts are why the developers focus on human beings and their behavior. They acknowledge that people “download” information and process it in some way, but it’s also essential for this business philosophy to include the fact that people browse on autopilot. The software uses this truth to your advantage, efficiently gathering the right information so you can predict future behavior of your visitors. This means you can make essential changes now, in the present, using the correct data.

click fraud software


The most effective click fraud software focuses on understanding what the future behavior of your visitors will be. The key is an emphasis on the quality of your traffic, which puts you in a position to demand which online traffic you’ll pay for. This is not what happens when you rely on publishers to decide where your efforts will be used. TEA Software helps you by buying and measuring traffic by the hour, not by the day, the week, or the month.

When you use this software, you have a method of efficiently fighting click fraud, so it doesn’t put an end to your online-business plans. But you should understand very clearly how this activity threatens your company. It’s a basic idea, of course. If you eliminate fraud, gain a better understanding of how potential customers engage with you, and you can have accurate data on which to base your decisions, you’ll be several steps ahead of competitors who rely only on agencies and AdWords experts.

An Essential Investment

Look at this from a slightly different viewpoint, one in which you compare your online shop to a “brick-and-mortar” site in the business district of your community. With this physical store, you’d have secure locks on the doors, an alarm system, and maybe even invest in closed-circuit television (CCTV) to give your business all the protection you can afford.

You can be sure of the validity of your customers only if you do all you can to reduce and eliminate the fraud that’s attacking your PPC efforts. Visit the website to learn more about click fraud software. You may even want to talk to a member of the team about options for bid management only or both bid management and new campaigns as well. With the second choice, you benefit from keyword research, as well as research and development for further attacks.

Post by teasoftware (2018-01-10 19:47)

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